DJ Benhameen is a creative force of nature. As a music and mix tape producer, screenplay writer, podcast host, blogger extremist, and self published author he’s far from being your everyday run of the mill DJ. This Houston native and NYC resident is a ring master of sorts, and self professed “eclecto-hopologist” to say the least. His style is a mash-up of high energy New York hip hop bravado reminiscent of DJ Kid Capri, the southern comfort of Houston’s own DJ Screw, the intelligent mixtapes of Neil Armstrong, and the international styling of international producers David Guetta and Afrojack.

Now living in New York City Benhameen has spun at some of the top venues in the greatest city in the world including Veranda, Pink Elephant, Griffin and others. A fixture on the Washington DC club scene during his time at Howard University, DJ Benhameen has had the pleasure of serving as resident deejay at some of the capital city’s sexiest spots: Love Night Club,Dream, Bar 7, Fur Night Club, and Capitale. He’s opened for such A-list artists as: The Black Eyed Peas, Ludacris and Beyoncé (stadiums holding 20,000 plus crowds), and has performed at major events from the West Coast to East Coast, Mid West to Dirty South, and Africa to The Middle East including numerous appearances at All Star Games, Super Bowls,and the annual Essence Festival in New Orleans.

DJ BenHaMeen is also the cohost and DJ for The Combat Jack Show, an online radio show podcast that has been rated “The Number Three Podcast In The World” by Complex.Com. He can also be seen every week on The Combat Jack TV Show, a weekly late night styled talk show that can be seen on Complex.TV. In addition he is the host for the Fan Bros Show & editor of FanBros.Com, a podcast and website dedicated to covering geek culture by people of color.

For DJ Benhameen music has always been at the epicenter of his life and the fuel for his motivation. He credits his experiences at Howard University for playing an intricate part in his growth as a deejay. The early parties enabled him to nurture his style with an audience that was a combination of people from all walks of life and all kinds of cultures, and to DJ Benhameen those memories are priceless as well as being instrumental in developing his style.

His mixtapes are what he considers to be the best way to understand and appreciate his style of mixing and thus he puts his all into each one of them creating stories through songs, audio clips, and seamless mixing that tell a complete tale when listened to from top to bottom. His Evolution Of Love series has been posted and reviewed by such major sites as,, and many others.

He considers his dj sets to be in the vein of Afrika Bambatta and the early progenitors of Hip-Hop as he plays everything, not just the latest radio hits, from Afro-Funk to Current Hip-Hop to Electro to Rock to classics of every genre imaginable. He transcends color lines and cultural barriers by creating an emotional journey through his music, and maintaining a constant vibe for all to enjoy. DJ Benhameen is the new nightlife experience.